Monster Brawl – Toronto After Dark 2011

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This evening saw the beginning of the sixth edition of the Toronto After Dark film festival.

The opening film was a Canadian-made horror/action/comedy film called .  The film is essentially various different classic monsters mixed with professional wrestling.  The film takes the form of a wrestling Pay-Per-View, in a graveyard, with Dave Foley and as the commentators.  The event features many different monsters in various brawls to the death.

Overall, the film was a joy to watch.  Each monster fight was done slightly differently, often with very gory results.  Many real wrestling personalities are featured in the film including Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash, UFC referee Herb Dean, and Canadian wrestler/actor  (who plays headliner Frankenstein).  The film also features the voice of as the Mortal Kombat-esque narrator.

If there is one criticism I have about the film, it is that it's very formulaic.  Essentially each fight in the film begins with a scene introducing the two monsters, followed by a tale of the tape, then the fight itself.  That said, things go all out with the main event and it was definitely fun to watch.

Overall, Monster Brawl is an entertaining film that can be enjoyed by monster and wrestling fans a like.


Cast and Crew of Monster Brawl

The cast and crew were in attendance at the screening, including Jimmy Hart and Robert Maillet.  The film was preceded by a funny wrestling promo amonst the main actors and it was definitely a fun way to start the screening.

The film was also preceded by a screening of the wonderful Canadian-made horror/musical/comedy short The Legend of Beaver Dam.  I previously saw (and loved) this film earlier this year at Canada's Top Ten and it was still a joy to watch on this second viewing.

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from now through October 28.  I will be seeing one more film at the festival, the superhero thriller VS, in a week's time.

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Sean Patrick Kelly
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