When Evil Lurks – TIFF 2023

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A dark and disturbing possession horror film that will really test your faith in humanity.

When Evil Lurks – TIFF 2023

Release Date: October 6, 2023
Runtime: 01:39
In a remote village, two brothers find a demon-infected man just about to give birth to evil itself. They decide to get rid of the man but merely succeed in helping him to deliver the inferno.

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Two brothers unwittingly unleash a demonic force in . After hearing gunshots in the woods and discovering grisly human remains, Pedro (Ezequiel Rodríguez) and Jimi () discover the rotten and possessed man Uriel in a nearby farmhouse. With the help of landowner Ruiz (), the brothers drive off to remove the rotten from the area. However, the possession soon begins to spread to those who came into direct contact with Uriel.

Pedro is desperate to get to safety by first collecting his children Santino () and Jair () from the home of his estranged wife Sabrina () and also picking up his mother Sara (). The group seeks the help of Mirtha (), a cleaner who can cleanse the evil within Uriel before it is fully born into the world.

When Evil Lurks Synopsis

When Evil Lurks is a supernatural horror film written and directed by Argentinian filmmaker Demián Rugna (Terrified). The film stars Ezequiel Rodríguez (Legions) and Demián Salomón as brothers Pedro and Jimi, who discover a demonic infection in their rural community. The brothers make the mistake of moving the “rotten” Uriel out of sight and out of mind. However, it is soon discovered that this evil is not so easily vanquished.

My Thoughts on When Evil Lurks

Admittedly, I was not one of those who immediately jumped on the bandwagon for Demián Rugna's 2017 debut Terrified, as I was a bit underwhelmed when I finally saw the film. However, When Evil Lurks is a completely different story. This is one dark and disturbing horror film that is not for the weak of heart.

When Evil Lurks is an incredibly gory film, beginning with the very hulking and grotesque possessed man Uriel, whose discovery sets the plot in motion. As is also the case with Terrified, Demián Rugna does adhere to the taboos about not harming kids or animals, with one of the most shocking scenes of the film involving both. In fact, When Evil Lurks really goes all in on the creepy child horror trope, particularly in the climax that involves possessed children at an abandoned school.

When Evil Lurks is ultimately not a very uplifting viewing experience that will probably test your faith in humanity. However, if you are after a very dark and disturbing horror film, then this is exactly up your alley.

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