Fantasia 2022

After spending the 2020 and 2021 editions forced to cover the festival virtually, this year saw me return to Montreal to attend the Fantasia Film Festival for the first time since 2019. Other than I played it safe and wore masks to every screening, it honestly didn’t feel like I ever left. Without further ado, here is my wrap-up of the 26th edition of Fantasia!

Top Ten Favourite Films

  1. Sissy
  2. The Roundup
  3. Glorious
  4. The Artifice Girl
  5. Moloch
  6. Cult Hero
  7. The Harbinger
  8. Special Delivery
  9. Lynch / Oz
  10. Relax, I’m From The Future

Least Favourite Film

Number of Films Seen

Screenings By the Numbers

  • 22 Festival Screenings
  • 3 Rep Screenings
  • 3 Screeners
  • 1 Short Film Showcase
  • 1 Artist Talk
  • 1 Press Screening

Number of Interviews Conducted

  • 4

Number of Days in Montreal

  • 11

Theatre Tally

  • Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU (Théâtre Hall) – 18
  • Salle J.A. De Sève – 9
  • Cinéma du Musée – 1
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