While the festival continues for another three days or so in Montreal, today marks the end of my Fantasia coverage for 2019. This year marked my fifth year covering the festival, as well as my fourth year making the trip to Montreal. I’m definitely an old pro at this pointContinue Reading

A young girl wants to escape from her father’s protective control in Freaks. Seven year old Chloe (Lexy Kolker) has spent her whole life living in hiding with her father Henry (Emile Hirsch), who warns her of the dangers outside. However, Chloe soon becomes fed up with her captivity and ventures outside,Continue Reading

A woman cares for a group of violent marauders in Jessica Forever. In a dystopian future society, orphans roam the world causing violence and mayhem. However, a group of orphans have been gathered together by the matriarchal Jessica (Aomi Muyock), who teaches them to be more kind and compassionate. Forever on theContinue Reading

Hideo Nakata returns to direct the latest entry of the Ringu series with Sadako. Mayu Akikawa (Elaiza Ikeda) is a young doctor in a hospital, who develops an attachment with a mysterious young girl (Himeka Himejima), who is admitted into her ward. Meanwhile, Mayu’s video blogger brother Kazuma (Hiroya Shimizu)Continue Reading

The unexpected cult success of Phantom of the Paradise in Winnipeg is explored in Phantom of Winnipeg. In 1974, Brian De Palma released his rock opera Phantom of the Paradise, starring William Finley, Jessica Harper, and Paul Williams, which was an undisputed box office bomb. However, this fact was lostContinue Reading

An undercover narcotics team begins a sting operation inside a fried chicken restaurant in Extreme Job. Captain Ko (Ryu Seung-ryong) is the leader of a small ragtag team of narcotics detectives assigned to stakeout and take down a local drug kingpin. The perfect cover for the team arises when aContinue Reading

A disgraced martial arts expert becomes entangled with Hong Kong’s criminal underwork in Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. Wing Chun expert, Cheung Tin Chi (Max Zhang) seeks to keep a low profile after being defeated by Ip Man. However, Cheung crosses paths with opium dealer Tso Sai Kit (Kevin Cheng),Continue Reading

A wealthy Korean family is tormented by a vengeful spirit in The Wrath. The heirs of the family of Madame Shin are being killed off on their wedding way by the vengeful spirit of a woman. Ok-bun is a young beggar, who is married off to Shin’s youngest son, inContinue Reading

A Mexican immigrant finds herself in an idealistic town that’s too good to be true in Culture Shock. Marisol (Martha Higareda) is a pregnant Mexican woman, who desires to immigrate to a better life in America. Marisol makes arrangements with Coyote (Sal Lopez) to be snuck over the border andContinue Reading