Baby, Don’t Cry – Fantasia 2021


Baby, Don’t Cry – Fantasia 2021

Baby, A withdrawn and sensitive 17-year-old Chinese immigrant from a troubled home, is living in the outskirts of Seattle. One day, she meets a 20-year-old delinquent named Fox. Together they embark on a twisted journey to escape their hopeless fate.

A Chinese immigrant between a powder-keg romance with a skid-row punk in Baby, Don't Cry. Baby () is a 17-year-old Chinese immigrant in Seattle, who has a troubled home life with her mentally ill mother (), which she escapes by shooting home movies. One day Baby confronts 20-year-old drug dealer Fox (), in an attempt to get back a stolen camera. The two end up striking up a passionate romance and Baby is soon entrenched in a lifestyle of hard-partying nights, law-bending days, and codependent young love.

Baby, Don't Cry is a coming-of-age drama written by and starring Zita Bai and directed by Jesse Dvorak. Bai's protagonist of Baby starts off as a very quiet individual, who is the subject of bullying by girls at her school and abuse by her bipolar mother. This all changes when Baby meets Fox, a guy from the “wrong side of the tracks,” who despite possibly being a bit of a bad influence, helps Baby come into her own as an independent woman.

Zita Bai makes an interesting stylistic choice in her script for Baby, Don't Cry by having her protagonist Baby not utter a single word until she encounters Fox, which seems to suggest how he helps her to open up. In fact, the film makes a lot of interesting stylistic choices, such as including the sounds of squealing pigs when Baby is subject to abuse by her mother. Overall, I would say that Baby, Don't Cry is a solid indie coming-of-age drama, with just a dash of fantasy.

Baby, Don't Cry streamed as part of the virtual 2021 Fantasia Film Festival

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Trailer for Baby, Don't Cry – Fantasia 2021

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